Yes, I’ve stopped blogging, sorry.

I got to keep my job at CATALYST! YAY! YAY! YAY! And I’ve been really busy with that and I blog everyday now at work, so I don’t feel like it at the end of the day or in the evenings.

Actually, I have been trying to put together a new, more professional blog: but it’s not quite ready yet. I was waiting to resume blogging there, but … yeah.

So, sorry for not blogging. Probably won’t continue here, will eventually continue at

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There is a very convenient “Rest Area” right off 85, very near to all that I do, and it is the most natural place for me to sleep, so I stayed there tonight. No trains, no hurricanes. It was nice. Joe and John offered me the couch, but I know I need to get used to the van, it’s getting easier.

I took the plunge yesterday and moved out of my house. Ashley helped me move the boxes out and sell some clothes at Plato’s Closet (thanks Ashley).

I have way too many boxes in the van, it’s a big mess in the back. And getting to my clothes is like solving a puzzle. I’m going to consolidate.

Last night I parked near the Tannery in Historic Buford. 3 very loud trains came by during the night, and once it rained and lightninged so that water was coming in the van through the side windows.

How do I feel: When I was going to bed last night and when I woke up I was like “THIS IS RIDICULOUS! What am I doing!?” Because it’s annoying with all those boxes in the back, and it was a little difficult to sleep (although very comfortable).

I think I’m going to get used to it.

There’s this girl that I like, and I she used to like me, but then she didn’t, and now maybe she does again. We’ll she seems really great, and always said she liked me, but I’m a really screwed up guy, so this surprises me A LOT!

We are different. She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. She loves people and talking, me, not so much. I like to read, she doesn’t. I’m shy, she’s outgoing. I’m a nerd, she’s not.

Can this work? Any married folks have input on this? How different can you be and still make it work? What differences are deal breakers? What are the necessary ingredients for a good marriage?

“WHOA, marriage? You just met the girl!”
OK, I know. I’m evaluating her for marriage. If it won’t work, it’s not worth pursuing. Is this the wrong attitude?

I’m not a big global warming guy. Despite all the evidence, it still seems fishy to me. But this video really grabs my interest. I immediately went to when it was done.


Is it because there were no words? Is it because it was all graphics? Is it because the animation was so fun, good and compelling? Is it because there’s an element of getting everyone together and creating a buzz, creating a social movement? Is it because they propose a measurable goal?

I don’t know, but it’s a compelling video. Is it compelling to you? Why?

Thnku redemptiovox.

So, I was supposed to move into the van July 1st. But I’ve been super busy lately, and hanging out with some friends (or a friend) past midnight a lot.

So I chickened out and haven’t moved into the van yet. I’m staying one more week at my house and then the van.

But, I did tint the windows last week. Here’s picture of the beauty (and a picture of how messy it is in the back!)

Denotation = the literal definition of a word. Cool = slightly cold in temperature.
Connotation = the common or cultural meaning of a word, or the feelings that come along with the word. Cool = hip, or “agreed.”

What causes the connotation of a word to differ from the denotation? In your opinion?

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