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There are so many things that I wish existed that don’t yet. Would you invent this please? 1. A way to brainstorm on a computer. Like a massive white board, where I can easily drill down on topics to see the details. I can zoom-out and see the whole picture, and look at the details […]

I’ve been hearing some cool new words/phrases lately. If you want to be cool too, start subtley incorporating these into your word usage: JUNK    = instead of “oh crap” you say “aw, junk!” FIRE     = “that’s sweet” is now “that’s fire” da JAM = similar to fire – “your tuppe is da JAM” killer   = […]

I was thinking this morning about Culturism again. Our brains are setup to work with “stereotypes.” In the Cognitive Science world this is called … I forget what it’s called – schema or something. We categorize, lump, and simplify concepts, places, objects and we make associations in our brains. We associate “fire” with “hot”, “orange”, […]

I had a very awesome meeting with Los yesterday. We had lunch and talked about blogging. That guy is genius, but anyway – he told me that part of his blogging success is that his blog has a face and a personality. He also throws in posts about his personal and family life, which adds […]

Mall Church


This idea has been brewing in me for a long time. I’m PSYCHED about it, and I’ll probably blog A TON about it until I get some comments! Here is the brief version, longer version to come. But first some setup: PROBLEMS: – Church buildings lie mostly dormant during the week. This is kind of […]

I was so happy to volunteer at the Q conference last week in New York. I was able to attend many of the sessions (but I missed several too), here are some of the major, and more clear ideas presented there (not an exhaustive list and in no particular order): The Planet is important, we’re […]

This is another installment of my thoughts on Culturalism Not Racism. In the Church we sometimes talk about how the Church is pretty segregated. It is. White churches are mostly white, black churches are mostly black. Why is this!? The Church should be one! I think it’s because of different church cultures. The typical White […]