Loves Twitter…


Jesse Phillips loves twitter. If you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet, check-out my tweets at

Twitter is an AWESOME website, like a mini blog, where you write what you’re doing right now (like your facebook status). And, you also subscribe – or “follow” – other twitterers tweets. So your twitter home page has all kinds of updates on everyone you’re following. I’m following about 40 ppl, and I get updates from Mike Foster, Los Whitaker, Tony Morgan, Terry Storch, others. It’s very interesting and much easier than doing all the stuff that you have to do with facebook and stuff. It sends everyone my stuff, and I get theirs, I don’t have to actually go to their page to see what’s up – much better than facebook.

I’m starting to like this “web 2.0.” Another cool one I’ve heard of: – it takes your voice recordings and turns them into text: blog entries, twitters, emails (I think) or other stuff. Sounds really cool but had a hard time signing up.

Vimeo is also supposed to be the up and coming video site.

I would like to see a new feature on YouTube where they sell you a webcam and some software for like $20, and then you have a channel or account with them, where you click a button online and you make a video blog/journal. Then people could follow people’s video blogs. It would be easier for people who don’t want to type and who find it hard to sit-down and maintain a whole blog (maybe they don’t have anything interesting to say, but maybe they’re a celebrity or someone interesting, well, I just think it would be cool!).


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