Most Segregated Day of the Week


This is another installment of my thoughts on Culturalism Not Racism.

In the Church we sometimes talk about how the Church is pretty segregated. It is. White churches are mostly white, black churches are mostly black. Why is this!? The Church should be one!

I think it’s because of different church cultures. The typical White church and Black church mostly always have different ways of doing things.

Black churches seem to often have:
– long, emotional gospely choir songs
– higher dress code
– people shouting Amen, Hallelujah, C’mon
– different preaching style
– different relating culture
– other black cultural things

White churches seem to vary more in the types of worship and culture. I really hope this isn’t racist, I’ve visited about twice as many White churches as I have Black churches. But they often have:
– more contemporary Rock worship, more sad songs, less hype
– lower dress code
– quiet worship time, and quiet sermon listening
– different preaching style
– white cultural ways of relating

All I’m trying to say is point out the obvious. I’m not as comfortable at a Black church, not because the peoples’ skin is brown, but because the culture is Black culture, not my culture, it’s awkward and unfamiliar to me – I don’t relate like that. It seems that Black people feel the same way.

There are exceptions, of course. My old pastor in San Diego, Miles McPherson, is Black (ish, I’m not sure if he’s a mix), and it was a predominantly white church. For a while there our worship team was predom Black, doing gospel songs and stuff (which I didn’t really like, but we did it for years), and I loved that church and felt comfortable. But I noticed there were more black people at that church than I had seen at most other White churches (maybe because the pastor was Black, and they felt more connected with him?).

Yeah, so hopefully I’m just stating the obvious – Black churches with Black culture are uncomfortable, in general, to White people who are accustomed to the White culture. White churches are uncomfortable, in general, to Black people who are accustomed to the Black culture. And that’s why we’re so segregated on Sunday morning … no?

Ask yourself, how would you feel in a Black church? Or a White church? Or a hispanic church? Or even a different denomination church, where the church culture is different from what you’re used to?

I should ask my friend Asher about this.


One Response to “Most Segregated Day of the Week”

  1. 1 dustinahkuoi

    good thoughts man…really good

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