Q Conf: Big Ideas


I was so happy to volunteer at the Q conference last week in New York. I was able to attend many of the sessions (but I missed several too), here are some of the major, and more clear ideas presented there (not an exhaustive list and in no particular order):

The Planet is important, we’re messing it up, take care of it!
– Bill McKibben, Author

Evolution is a fact, but it still jives with Jesus. We need to accept the fact and move on together, we have no credibility without accepting evolutionary science.
-Francis Collins, Headed the Human Genome Project, Christian Scientist

[for the record, I totally disagree. Evolution, to me, is so obviously false. Let’s assume, for a moment, that it’s even possible. If you could have 1 beneficial mutation every year (impossible!) it would take Billions of years to get from molecules to humans! There are billions of differences between us and molecules, IMPOSSIBLE, time wise. 20 Million years is not enough time]

Common Grace
– Chuck Colson

Although we disagree theologically, we need to stop fighting. There’s no excuse for religious extremeism. We need to agree to disagree and love each other. (Muslims, Christians & Jews)
– Eboo Patel (muslim)

[I agree and think this is huge. I used to think that interfaith dialogue was so heretical. We need to love people of other faiths, not be atagonistic, while recognizing that we disagree theologically – never saying that all road lead to God or anything like that. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s possible, since, sooner or later, they’ll bristle at our claims of exclusivity? Maybe not if it’s done tactfully/humbly]

Interfaith dialogue, and dialogue on Christianity is helpful. Need to engage non-Christians in a dialogue on faith-ish topics, very sensitively: not in a bait and switch, not proselytizing, something appealing to them that simply raises questions, very tactfully.
– Eric Metaxas

God cares more about the city. You should move there. Because there are more people in cities, and more culture influencers. Your impact on culture and people is soooooo much bigger in cities, so come to NYC!
– Tim Keller

God is really cool. Need to be careful, as we grow and change the Church, not to uproot the truth.
– Louis Giglio

Most Politicians only do what will get them reelected. Even if they want to, they can’t do hard things unless they have a noisy group that has made a movement and forcing them to … end segregation, for example. Therefore, we must band together and make social movements to get good things done. Also, understand that poor kids starving in Iraq is just as much a Life issue as Abortion.
– Jim Wallis

[I loved his talk. I am persuaded that we need to start movements to get good things done for our nation. But I usually hate politics. It would be good, though, for us to push for helping people and doing good stuff]

I’m a journalist.  I have no opinions.
– Michael Luo

[ I missed several of presenters that presented in this space ]

You Become what you Behold. The Medium is the Message.
– Shane Hipps

[Shane gave a VERY interesting argument about how the printing press dramatically influenced western society, because, like the ordered, linear, lines of printed text – our buildings, processes, organizations, and pews, reflect this. Then he showed that since we’ve moved from printed word to more images and videos, church is moving to more emergent, candles, pillows, ethereal, less organized, more “authentic”.]

For me, “the medium is the message” means that we need to package the gospel very, very well. Is this foolishness?

We need to help poor people. The people God invited to the banquet turned him down, so invited the outcasts.
– Ruth Padilla Deborst

We lost the culture wars. Stop fighting and love people, and give TONS of grace.
– Jud Wilhite

Networking is more fun than listening to messages all the time. I wish there was a programmed thing where each person gets to talk to each person for 5 minutes (that would take 33 hours for 400 ppl, probably not a good idea?).
– Jesse Phillips


2 Responses to “Q Conf: Big Ideas”

  1. 1 Mike


    On the evolution topic: You should read into the reasons scientist feel there is evidence to show that evolution isn’t a linear process of 1 change per year. It’s really interesting for someone like me, with a math background, to read about.

    Evolution is a hard topic, because people are so passionate either way, when most people don’t really know much about it.

    The truth is, we have to love Jesus and his substitutionary death for our sins. And things we don’t know about make less of a difference.

  2. Good point Mike. Thanks for your comment!

    Yeah, I think it’s possible, it just pisses me off. It won’t shake my faith if evolution really is how God created the earth, but still, I just feel like it’s dishonest and false. Have you heard of Abiogenesis. I remember in 5th grade I learned how medievals thought that flys came from dead meat – life from non-living material; and how stupid that was. Then in 9th grade they tried to sell me the same thing: life from non-living material. Seriously?!

    Well, yes, I think you’re right. It’s DEFINITELY not the most important issue.

    Yeah, both sides are passionate, I would love some dialogue about it. It’s VERY hard to get dialogue because it’s such a difficult topic to talk about and prove – unless both dialoguers have spent 20 years learning about evolution – and one of them is bi-partisan.

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