Livin’ in a Van …


I had a very awesome meeting with Los yesterday. We had lunch and talked about blogging. That guy is genius, but anyway – he told me that part of his blogging success is that his blog has a face and a personality. He also throws in posts about his personal and family life, which adds an interesting human element to the community and story that is ragamuffinsoul.

Therefore, I’ve been trying to think of ways to save money, and I’ve been wanting to go on a tour of the US, perhaps doing web design or photography to make money as I drive around. So I’ve been thinking it would be cool to live in a van. I know it sounds crazy … it is. BUT, now I have another excuse to do it: IT WOULD ADD INTEREST AND PERSONALITY TO MY BLOG (not to mention interest and personality to me – I’m pretty dull right now).

Seriously though. I’ve been wanting to do it anyway. And it would be an interesting life experience! So I’m going to start looking for a van on craigslist. Let me know if you find a big one for about $1,000.

Unfortunately is taken already.


2 Responses to “Livin’ in a Van …”

  1. 1 Mary D

    Jesse Phillips,
    You’re a nut!
    God bless you bro! Keep us all updated if you do live in a van.
    In Jesus,
    Mary D.

  2. Yeah, reading it now, it does seem pretty crazy!

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