As the kids say…


I’ve been hearing some cool new words/phrases lately. If you want to be cool too, start subtley incorporating these into your word usage:

JUNK    = instead of “oh crap” you say “aw, junk!”
FIRE     = “that’s sweet” is now “that’s fire
da JAM = similar to fire – “your tuppe is da JAM
killer   = awesome, sweet –
what’s crackin = “what’s crackin, dude?”
the bee’s knees = basically cool, but when you’re trying to be formal/funny/ironic. “It’s the bee’s knees

Basically anything that Joshua Longbrake says is cool … or Joshua Blankenship.

Also, the cool thing to do is to refer to organizations or improper nouns as proper nouns, or, even better, to use “sarcasm” with improper nouns:
“Dear South Carolina, why do your freeways lack bathrooms off the interstate?”
“Thank you, grilled cheese sandwich, for filling my belly today. Please DO NOT stop at my thighs or butt on your way out.”

Oh, and finally, whe’re you use formal words, that’s cool too. Like above when I said “start subtley incorporating these into your word usage” – that was cool.

Do you have any other cool phrases? Please share with the class.


3 Responses to “As the kids say…”

  1. 1 dustinahkuoi

    here are a few…

    “bo bo” – When something is poorly done or is cheap.
    ex: man…this cell phone I just bought is bo bo!

    “mug” – this can refer to a person or a place
    ex: “Did you hear about john? That mug tried to steal a golf cart”
    or – Man…it is hot…somebody needs to turn the AC on in this mug.

    thats all for now

  2. 2 Joshua

    Cool is far less important than enjoying yourself. Language is a vital tool and can be enjoyable. Whether it’s cool or not? Meh. Do you enjoy language? A better question altogether.

  3. 3 jessephillips

    Thanks, Joshua, for your comment! I confess, I fall victim to desiring coolness. I also confess, I enjoy clever use of language.

    I liked your use of “thee” when referring to Portland. and “Just kidding, Ohio. You have Cedar Point, and because of that you win” !!!! that was so hilarious/clever – I guess I define this as “cool” b/c I enjoy it.

    But seriously, Joshua, you’re so cool – are you not trying to be? Perhaps your coolness is just your personal pursuit and enjoyment of clever use of language?

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