Web Services I Need Please


There are so many things that I wish existed that don’t yet. Would you invent this please?

1. A way to brainstorm on a computer. Like a massive white board, where I can easily drill down on topics to see the details. I can zoom-out and see the whole picture, and look at the details on every part. It would help visually see my list of ideas and drill-down to see descriptions of each, and see pros and cons – perhaps link to other documents as well?

2. A way to follow all the comments that I make everywhere. Maybe like disqus or something? A way for me to go to one web page and follow all the conversations I’m involved in all over the internet. And it works easily, and I don’t have to do too much setup – and everyone else is involved in it so it raises the tide of conversations happening on blogs all over the internet. Integrates the walls on facebook. Probably already exists – does disqus work well? Others?

3. A tool that aggregates all the blogs I’m following (already exists right) well this is like an ipod, or a podcast, and it reads to me (while I’m driving, this is for my commute) all the titles of blogs I’m following, uses voice commands (or buttons?) to let me stop at an interesting title and hear more of that blog. Basically, it helps me keep-up on what’s going on while I’m commuting (b/c you can’t read your rss aggregator while you’re driving) – so I’m “in the know” when I get to work.

4. An awesome service that tells me the most interesting things going-on in the American Church. Like a professional who scours the internet and magazines – all media sources – and tells me what’s going on in The Church – EVERYTHING! like an rss aggregator on steroids. This is not a tool, but a service I guess, probably already exists. Better than the Catablog, better than MMI, better than RELEVANT – the ULTIMATE. but gives it to me in an easy to navigate format so that, while it’s the best of the best content, there’s still lots of it that I can sift through – Cool Hunter and other things like this exist. Have you found a really, really good one?
5. A service that will manage my money easily. It will put my balances and bills and all my accounts and credit cards all in one place. And it will categorize my expenditures for me (maybe each company has worked out a code or something), and it will be simple and easy to use (I think this one is already invented too? Quicken?) – it will show graphs of my expenditures, it will send updates to my phone, it will track me like a hound-dog, and keep me from getting overdrawn (message to my phone? that would be hot!) and I could check my balances from my phone. And it pays my bills and does other stuff. This is the coolest one so far, I think.

Do you have any web services you’d like to see? Are you using any services like these already? Are you going to invent any of this?


One Response to “Web Services I Need Please”

  1. # 2 I use cocomment
    #5 I use citibanks online banking center

    #3 you could easily set up any rss aggregator with some screen reading software
    #4 maybe my blog…just kidding, but I think just aggregating some of the pastors from the innovative churches list to one place would probably take care of that. most of them not only talk about what their doing but also what their thinking about and what they have heard about
    #5 to a certain extent i think a blog with a lot of widgets sort of accomplishes this. my blog roll is a constant source of new info, my posts are my thoughts and ideas, my cocomment widget lets me know what I have been talking about with others,

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