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Thank yous…


I’m not thankful enough. Here’s a Jesse update as thank list: Thank you Jesus for Friday Thank you Jesus for Marie Calendar’s frozen meals (for $2.58 at WalMart!) Thank you Jesus for this article I’m reading from Sally Morgenthaler that validates some of my own thoughts Thank you, Lord, that you love me, and provide […]

What do you think about the gay marriage ruling? Would you perform a gay wedding? No, this is not a contest. There’s no prize. I’m referring to the challenge facing the Church of how to respond to Homosexuality and Gay Marriage. The recent ruling legalizing gay marriage is very interesting for the Church. It brings […]

A couple friends have told me that my tone is too biting and critical on my blog. I apologize for this! I see how I come across as arrogant, bitter, overly critical – I’m sorry. My heart for the Church is that we be biblical, loving God and our neighbors, effective at making disciples, getting […]

What is Worship? Honestly, I’m a little uncomfortable with the way we do “worship” at contemporary churches. I try to get into the feeling of it, and make it a “worshipful” experience – a special time between me and God, but I notice it’s really hard for me to focus on connecting with God rather […]

There’s a revolution going on in the Church. The Holy Spirit is stirring hearts of leaders around the country to fix the severe problem of the lack of community in our churches. (this is my hook).

I think this question is so relevant to this whole hairy issue. Are church buildings necessary? Assuming we’re a body that must meet regularly, obviously we have to meet in something, but must we necessarily buy and maintain expensive buildings? Why or Why not? Please explain your answer.

If you read the comments on the last post What is Church? – my genius friend Ryan Alan Young (from made several assertions on what defines church. I’m not convinced he’s right, at least it’s not obvious, so I’d like to discuss each one individually so I can better understand church. His first one: […]