I can’t friggin sleep


I had a Venti Vanilla Latte and I can’t sleep (I rarely drink coffee). It’s 4am (late for me)! argh.

Plus, I’ve been thinking all night about an idea for a coffee house called “Community Coffee”

It would be a neat place that would sell coffee and food, and several other unique services – and try to cultivate (at least) semi-authentic community for people. Here are some of the gimmicks:

+ Interesting design exterior/interior Рfresh and cool like Starbucks, plus funky like Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters Рplus eclectic like The Living Room. Furniture is composed of mismatched items, some antiques, folding chairs, high-end designer furniture.

+ coffee house hosts bands regularly + lecturers, discussion/debates, people teaching classes, bible studies, AA groups? Indie movies occaisionally – perhaps in an upstairs seperate room requiring ticketed entry (Or paid membership?) – or all events/classes are free, and people pay more for drinks? Must subsidize this somehow to be sustainable.

+ also, art gallery. Art is for sale (and all furniture is for sale). + big picture wall covered in polaroids, + wall that you sign? monthly art show openings?

+ Support community by constantly encouraging deeper conversation – via cup sleeves, via signs on tables, “ask me what’s going on in my life” “it’s okay, I won’t judge you, get it off your chest” – not that cheesy. But I believe prompting and giving permission for deeper discussion could be as simple as making a little sign, and people reading it and feeling allowed to “go there.”

+ have “game night” once a week, or NPR days, where you play NPR only, Sell books and CD’s, Have a mini Library, have free wifi

+ Basically, try to make it like a “3rd place”, but figure-out pricing or membership to make it sustainable. Make it a place that people will hang-out. When you’re wondering what to do on Thursday night, or Sat after the movie, you go to “Community.” If you want a little culture, you go hear a lecture from a local (gifted) prof. who lectures there once a week on Wed nights. Or you go see the latest art. Or go read a book. Or go by yourself and find some strangers to play a board game with. Or you meet your potential business partner there, and use a “Privacy booth” to talk business, or you meet your accountability partner there and use a “privacy booth” to confess sin, or do a book study (we sell books in bundles of 5 for a discount) – or you go for a Habitat for Humanity meeting, or a teach-in, or you “go to church” there on Sunday.

And you buy coffee or become a “partner” to support the community…? hopefully …


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