Well, not yet. I’m thinking about it more seriously now. I’m obsessed with the idea, really (or divinely inspired – either/or).

I saw a van on craigslist recently. Sink, toilet, bed, pop-top (!) … $2,500. The best part – I can pay monthly payments of $198! (i’m not sure for how many months). seriously? Why should I not just go out and do that right now. I’ll cut my rent in half, and I’ll be in an awesome adventure – all in one swoop!

I’m very close to telling my landlord this is my last month.

I could park at the Tannery (they have a HUGE parking lot). And take showers at Gold’s Gym (and I’ll get fit). And use wifi at SBUX. And cook meals in the microwave at work! (working late again, Jesse?). And catch-up on my reading.

And have extra money each month for … wasting on myself? … or … Donating … or … saving for The Roadtrip? … or for all the eating-out I’ll have to do since I won’t have a fridge … or for paying to do laundry all the time.


4 Responses to “I LIVE IN A VAN”

  1. If you live in a van around here, it means you either buy, sell, or make meth. Not the safest culture to be in. There is a street where they all park, and it smells horrible because they empty their waste water in the bushes.

  2. 2 jessephillips

    Yuck, okay, nevermind. I guess I’ll give-up making meth and move back-in with John.

  3. Do it Jesse. Do it!

    Whats the worst that could happen? Will God still take care of you?

  4. 4 April

    Hi jesse,

    I liked your questions on van dwelling and made a post about them on my website.


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