I Apologize for My Tone


A couple friends have told me that my tone is too biting and critical on my blog. I apologize for this! I see how I come across as arrogant, bitter, overly critical – I’m sorry. My heart for the Church is that we be biblical, loving God and our neighbors, effective at making disciples, getting people saved.

Also, I’m a big question asker, I constantly challenge the process and the status quo, it’s just who I am. I’m interested in discussion. I think we need discussion to get this Church thing right. We need to discuss what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, otherwise we get off track. So that’s what I want: discussion. If what we’re doing is right, then it should stand-up to some questioning.

I think we’re experiencing a time of change for the Church. I think it’s time to reevaluate what we’re doing – is it biblical, are we accomplishing the Great Commandment or the Great Commission to the best of our ability?

I know I don’t have all the answers – although I realize I have come across like that. Again, I apologize for being arrogant and acting like I know the way – I admit I have no experience and really no idea. So I’ll be more humble in my assertions and I eagerly, passionately desire that we can have a dialogue that is helpful for the Church.

Trying to agape you, =D

Jesse Phillips


6 Responses to “I Apologize for My Tone”

  1. 1 Asher

    Keep your questions coming. Keep the discussion flowing. I do think that you have not been charitable to the other sides/points of views. Nevertheless your questions and your poking is critical. Keep on doing it brother!

  2. 2 jessephillips

    Thanks Asher! That breaks my heart b/c part of what I want to do in life is help facilitate and encourage debate where both sides are presented. I will do this from now on!

  3. 3 dustinahkuoi

    I appreciate your concern in this post jesse. Your blogs really make me think…they challenge me and keep from doing church just for the sake of doing church. I don’t want to be comfortable and safe…you really help me to be more definitive in what I believe and I appreciate that.

    So keep on giving me the hotness baby!!!

  4. I suffer from the same misunderstanding, even face to face! Agents of change often bear this burden. It’s not an excuse, but an observation.

    I think we are all in virtually the same boat, trying to figure this out. All of us will need tough skin to survive and keep our sanity.

    I think most hear your heart. Keep pushing!

  5. 5 jessephillips

    Thanks for your feedback Michael!

  6. 6 Francine Phillips

    Hey Jesse,

    I think that tone is very difficult to ascertain in e-mail and I know that it’s easy to come across as curt or demanding at times. You have a good heart and I’m glad you are taking in the critique with sincerity. I think this is cool and I like your design.

    One of the most important things as a follower of Jesus Christ is to remember to be kind to EVERYONE – we all called to so many attibutes – strong, courageous, kind, forgiving, bold, humble. Probably most important to remember that we are all sinners and most are doing the best they can. Even the ones who are failing miserably. As long as there is an equal portion of righteousness and compassion, you will probably get it about right.

    I think that your generation has the extremes of a rigid social acceptance quotiant and an all-accepting, everyone is cool one. Makes it hard to navigate at times. I just read Nineteen Minutes, a novel about a high school shooter who was bullied in a rigid socially structured high school until he just flipped out. Very provocative to think about the consequences of unyeilding rejection and the foothold it gives to evil.

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