Thank yous…


I’m not thankful enough. Here’s a Jesse update as thank list:

Thank you Jesus for Friday

Thank you Jesus for Marie Calendar’s frozen meals (for $2.58 at WalMart!)

Thank you Jesus for this article I’m reading from Sally Morgenthaler that validates some of my own thoughts

Thank you, Lord, that you love me, and provide my needs.

Thank you that Mack Kitchel gave me some design work and thinks I’m valuable! That I designed a flyer for him and possibly a shirt – possibly more. Thank you!

Thank you, Jesus, that Kevin Sterner is letting me do some side work for him, watching videos and finding good quotes! Thank you, JESUS!

Thank you, Father, that I’m feeling good about going on a road trip on the US, and that Nathan Pauley wants to come, and that I might get funding from some source, somewhere. Thank you that I’ve found a Ford Aerostar for $800.

Thank you for my Economic Stimulus Check!!

Thank you, God, that you’re so good. Thank you that is coming up soon, and that Chris Capehart called me. Thank you that my sister dropped that Dan guy, and that she seems happyish. Thank you that Lara is fun to hang-out with.


One Response to “Thank yous…”

  1. 1 Lara

    YAY! I made it on your blog…and so soon.

    I am thankful for you too, Jesse!

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