My Landlord poured Comet all over


the bathroom.

My landlord is a clean freak. Super clean freak. Like, I have to use a special place mat on top of the place mat on the table, to eat. And I have to keep my room clean. (to be fair, he’s trying to sell the house), but I have to keep it clean every day and make my bed – AND NO ONE EVEN COMES to see the house!

Well, anyway – I’m moving out soon. My other two roomates moved out two months ago, it’s that bad.

Well, I’m also supposed to keep the bathroom clean. He wants me to clean it every week. (to me that’s a lot. I clean the bathroom once every two years) The sink, toilet, shower! floor! glass – the whole mother.

So, I’m not the best at this, but he’s smart so here’s what he did. He poured comet all over the shower and toilet and floor. I didn’t realize this. I saw him come upstairs for a minute (he said “Good morning, Jesse”), go into the bathroom and went back down. I was busy transcribing some stuff, so I didn’t notice.

So like 4 hours later, I finally have to take a dump, and I go in there and the toilet is covered in comet. I’m like, awesome. So I had to clean it before I used it, and I thought that was hilarious!

Well played, Landlord, you win this one.

Hey, but seriously. I need to clean more and be a better Christian about that. So I took an hour (um, maybe 30 minutes) and cleaned the rest of the bathroom – decently at least.


2 Responses to “My Landlord poured Comet all over”

  1. 1 dewde

    lol nice.

  2. 2 Christine A

    Haha sometimes one of my neat freak housemates does the same thing–sometimes it i rather entertaining though sometimes…

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