I’m not a big global warming guy. Despite all the evidence, it still seems fishy to me. But this video really grabs my interest. I immediately went to 350.org when it was done.


Is it because there were no words? Is it because it was all graphics? Is it because the animation was so fun, good and compelling? Is it because there’s an element of getting everyone together and creating a buzz, creating a social movement? Is it because they propose a measurable goal?

I don’t know, but it’s a compelling video. Is it compelling to you? Why?

Thnku redemptiovox.


6 Responses to “WHY IS THIS AWESOME?”

  1. 1 Paulg

    This is compelling to me because it says a message I already know in a way which makes it new and fresh. It’s the creativity which makes it fun. Plus, it’s message is global in that it affects the whole world now and in the future, but it’s also practical, so I can do my part.

  2. 2 dewde

    The video and the website are top notch. Very creative and attractive.

    Too bad they haven’t adopted the new hip trendy verbage. Global Warming is now called “Climate Change” on account that the globe has been cooling for the past decade and looks like it is going to cool for another 10 years or so.


  3. 3 jessephillips

    Hey Dewde!

    Really!? It’s cooling!? Is that verifiable or something? I mean, I thought the global warming thing was pretty sketchy, but everyone seems so convinced. This flies in the face of global warming doesn’t it?

  4. The power of creativity. That’s all I have to say about that!

  5. Not compelling to me but still a good video. Excellent marketing excellent graphic design. Excellent branding. Content… blah :p

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