There is a very convenient “Rest Area” right off 85, very near to all that I do, and it is the most natural place for me to sleep, so I stayed there tonight. No trains, no hurricanes. It was nice. Joe and John offered me the couch, but I know I need to get used to the van, it’s getting easier.


6 Responses to “REST AREA OFF 85”

  1. 1 Francine Phillips

    This is actually Molly. I’m housesitting while Mom is in Alaska. Are you sleeping with a mattress? Is it safe? Have any cops come by to move you out? Are you warm enough? What are you eating? Do you need anything? Glad you and Ashley aren’t totally done. Love you brother!!

  2. 2 paulg

    My wife thinks you should start driving back to San Diego. She thinks it’s ‘so cool’ that you’re living in a van. She said, you should park by our house, and we’d cook for you and you could use our shower:) Seriously, that’s what she said! She also said we’d have an extra bed by then. She said she admired/envied your sense of adventure!

  3. 3 Jesse

    Hey Molly and Paul, Thanks for your comments!

    I have no mattress, but I do have a large down (the feather kind) pad. Plus a cushy sleeping bag, plus a few blankets, it’s relatively soft. But I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to have one of those long rolls of foam.

    I think it’s safe. I haven’t been hassled yet. No cops have come by. I’m warm enough, it’s actually too hot. For eating, I store some stuff at the fridge at work – right now I have bread, lettuce, lunch meat, etc, and i make sandwiches for lunch and make sandwiches for dinner, or eat out. Also, I have a bagel every morning for breakfast, and some fruit (at work).

    Thanks Paul! I would love to come back to San Diego! Turns-out they’re keeping me on here part time in August and maybe beyond. But man if I’m gonna drive back to San Diego, I’m going to make a tour of it, and visit some of the churches I’ve been curious about for the last few years. My new website is close to being up:

  4. Sooooo… a month of blog silence after being a regular poster…

    You okay man? Hope you’re okay.

  5. Jesse stopped blogging… I started blogging.



  6. 6 Harper-Rose Drummond

    This is Harper-Rose, Anna’s friend that you drove her to Nc for….oh and I found this through stupid twitter (hah) also, WTH!!! You were/are living in a van?? Craziness! Hope you are doing well šŸ™‚

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