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What is Church?


Thank you all who commented on my post about stewardship and tithing. Many people have said that we need to tithe to “the local church.” While I’ve grown-up believing and doing this (I still do), I’m no less convinced this is the case. BUT – assuming it’s true, that I must tithe to “the local […]

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this a lot so I’m just gonna write about it. The Church in the US has a HUGE problem. We’re the same as our culture – we no different. We’re just as worried, angry, unsure, unhappy, sinful, selfish as non-Christians. We have all this money and we’re doing very little […]

This is another installment of my thoughts on Culturalism Not Racism. In the Church we sometimes talk about how the Church is pretty segregated. It is. White churches are mostly white, black churches are mostly black. Why is this!? The Church should be one! I think it’s because of different church cultures. The typical White […]