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Yes, I’ve stopped blogging, sorry. I got to keep my job at CATALYST! YAY! YAY! YAY! And I’ve been really busy with that and I blog everyday now at work, so I don’t feel like it at the end of the day or in the evenings. Actually, I have been trying to put together a […]

There is a very convenient “Rest Area” right off 85, very near to all that I do, and it is the most natural place for me to sleep, so I stayed there tonight. No trains, no hurricanes. It was nice. Joe and John offered me the couch, but I know I need to get used […]

I took the plunge yesterday and moved out of my house. Ashley helped me move the boxes out and sell some clothes at Plato’s Closet (thanks Ashley). I have way too many boxes in the van, it’s a big mess in the back. And getting to my clothes is like solving a puzzle. I’m going […]

There’s this girl that I like, and I she used to like me, but then she didn’t, and now maybe she does again. We’ll she seems really great, and always said she liked me, but I’m a really screwed up guy, so this surprises me A LOT! We are different. She’s an extrovert, I’m an […]

I’m not a big global warming guy. Despite all the evidence, it still seems fishy to me. But this video really grabs my interest. I immediately went to when it was done. Why? Is it because there were no words? Is it because it was all graphics? Is it because the animation was so […]

So, I was supposed to move into the van July 1st. But I’ve been super busy lately, and hanging out with some friends (or a friend) past midnight a lot. So I chickened out and haven’t moved into the van yet. I’m staying one more week at my house and then the van. But, I […]

Denotation = the literal definition of a word.¬†Cool = slightly cold in temperature. Connotation = the common or cultural meaning of a word, or the feelings that come along with the word. Cool = hip, or “agreed.” What causes the connotation of a word to differ from the denotation? In your opinion?