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Ben Arment, paid me a HUGE compliment on his blog the other day. Coincidentally, the next day, LifeChurch featured Ben’s blog on their blog saying how awesome he is – so maybe I’ll get some name recognition from that. Really, he is way too kind and I’m totally humbled and encouraged by his compliments. But I’m going to link to it anyway, I’m proud, what can I say?

Also, I have a new blog – this blog is just a shadow of things to come, my practice run. I hope to have a much cooler theme (not up yet) and much cooler posts at http://www.churchology.org or http://www.churchinnovation.com . In the future, but not yet … soon.

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I LOVE WHAT Cornerstone Simi is doing, and I think their project REEKS! of biblicalness and good stewardship.

Instead of building a $50 Million building, they’re saving money, building a park and amphitheatre, interacting with their community, giving away a lot of their money to help people. And they’re influencing a lot of other churches, too. I think this is very, VERY, VERY biblical and wonderful (as you know, if you’ve read my other posts!) and I am beyond fired up about it! Continue reading ‘Francis’ Crazy Building Project’

Street evangelism is interesting. It totally doesn’t work in the US (although I think it sometimes does), but there are evangelical groups that insist on doing it, and believe that the very low rate of return is because the world’s heart is hard.

While the world’s heart may be hard, trying to reach people using street evangelism is almost impossible – because of an interesting phenomenon recognized in psychology, branding, and cognitive science disciplines – basically it’s stereotyping.

It’s not that people don’t want to hear the gospel, it’s that the method being used to communicate it is psychologically impossible for them to receive. Does that make sense? The message may be great, and if it were communicated in another way, it may get across, but there is such a negative stereotype of the street evangelism method that noone is open to it.

This is a similar deal with telemarketing. Is it possible that companies are calling me to give me a good deal, to let me know about a product or service that I want? Yes, it’s very possible. However, because telemarketing has such a negative perception by people (for good reason, right?) – noone likes calls from telemarketers. They hang-up in the telemarketer’s face (I’ve done Christian telemarketing for an AWESOME brand, Catalyst, and it still happens!).

So, telemarketing is a good example. Most of us consider it “impossible” that telemarketers have anything good to tell us. Some of us stick through the call, but we still believe that it’s a waste of our time, and nonsense. This is how street evangelism is perceived (mostly). So, not only do people not get to hear the message, they become “immunized” against the gospel – their negative experience with the gospel via Street Evang makes them resistant to the gospel in other forms, even from friends and stuff.

SO, to sum up, I believe that because of the, now, very negative public attitude toward street evangelism, we should stop employing that tactic for communicating the gospel, as, I believe, it is actually digging us deeper in the hole – not because it’s a wrong tactic, but it’s made wrong by the fact that it’s now 95% repulsive to non-Christians. It worked for Jesus and Paul’s day, but our culture is repulsed by it.

I feel we should focus on engaging outsiders, loving them and sharing with them across a bridge of friendship.

I feel like Christians are messed-up, we’re getting it wrong, I think part of the solution is rethinking how we’re doing church. Not everyone agrees with me on this – it seems like people think we’re doing okay. Here’s a video from Scott Hodge that may change their minds.

We think of brands as products. But the idea of branding is actually useful in many areas of study. The science of Branding is based on Psychology and how our brains work. It turns out that we associate feelings and words with specific things in our brains – this affects our image of a brand, and our interest in buying it.

Starbucks does a great job of branding. Their stores are SUPER COOL! Their logo is cool, their menu looks Continue reading ‘The Christian Brand – with 30% More JESUS!’

Growing up, I wanted to be a missionary. I read the AWESOME, amazing miracle stories about what God did overseas and I wanted in on that action. Plus, I wanted to be a top notch Christian. Growing up, it seemed like to be the best you had to be a pastor or missionary. So I wanted to do that, or be a youth pastor. Continue reading ‘The Missionary Position’

the bathroom.

My landlord is a clean freak. Super clean freak. Like, I have to use a special place mat on top of the place mat on the table, to eat. And I have to keep my room clean. (to be fair, he’s trying to sell the house), but I have to keep it clean every day and make my bed – AND NO ONE EVEN COMES to see the house!

Continue reading ‘My Landlord poured Comet all over’